Sidai Oleng!Β 

Sidai Oleng are masaai words meaning ‘vizuri sana’ (something Good). Well this post is something good.  wassup, wassup πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹!! ” clichΓ© greetings,I know but even the word is a clichΓ©, right???  Anyway, today’s post isn’t going to be a hilarious one but about my passion, something that actually started when I joined school. My passion […]

Mr. Poop Guy.

He appeared before me, in all his glamorous looks. Dressed in a black suit paired with a charming red wine tie. His chiseled jaw raised proud with a killer smile (Ian Somerhalder kind of smile). His eyes sparkling and if he looked at you, you’d think he could see right through you, and his feather-like, […]


My early childhood days I schooled in Aga Khan Primary at Parklands. These were days I wasn’t social but much of an introvert, I never had friends but was always stuck in my own head for some reason. There was this boy, if my memory serves me correctly we were always in the same class […]

Girl meets πŸ‘¦Β 

Hahaha, I know the story I’m about to tell you is going to be πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯. But heeeey :)), I’ve been quiet for so long but well you know life happens then bla…bla…..bla…..bla….. Today let’s talk fuccboizzzz….. whenever I hear that name I cringe or I get that tingly sensation, do you know it?? πŸ˜’ […]

Mr. Handsome?

Three years ago when I was in first year I decided to join this thing called Tinder. It was the in thing and all my friends had joined who was Sybo not to join???  I joined put my details and connected it to Facebook  and I began, swiping to the left for the guys I didn’t […]

Moving On…….

Hello guys, I know many of you have missed me, right??  It has been two months since I posted something but don’t worry Pauline is back!!  Yesterday, October 2nd 2016,I woke up thinking about my late friend Annetah Mwangi not knowing that it was her 3Rd year anniversary. The day she died my thoughts about […]

Walk of Shame.Β 

You wake up early in the morning knowing what you are going to wear. That bra you bought at Yaya Center (you know the expensive kind) just can’t wait to wear it.  You wear it, check yourself out in the mirror and you feel sexy af!  You proceed to wear a nice tight dress that […]